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First  Wall Art Project

In Hindu mythology everything starts with Gods and at Village we wanted to follow the same tradition and order to maintain the same we started with first installation at Saibaba temple . The idea was to create something which can create feeling of abundance and infinity . So what could be better than a galaxy. Painted by College Artist Shaan, Vipul, Ronjoy and Abhijeet . It took 5 days time and the project was delivered on time.

Art Project Starts

Rocio Del Perez Solar : Lima , Peru

Rocio Visited us In the Month of September 2019 and Oct 2019 in two brief spells of time > During her visit she painted 4 walls. Most important and first was Bani Thani ( Local Rajasthani beautiful pained in street art Mural with the shades of Red, orange and blue . Second installion was inspired by Lord Shiva , she pained Indian yoga (baba) with blue eyes and yellow forehead with a tilak on the face.

During her second stint of time she loved the peacocks of the village and wanted to paint peacocks on the wall. The peacocks were painted with red, blue, shades of blues and Pink.

Ewa Potocka

Ewa Potocka visited us In the Month of Feb 2020 and she was with us for 15 days , during her brief spells of time. She painted two walls. Most important was women of the village on the wall( Local Women).  She beautifully pained women with colourful pastels and extensive use of stencils to create the Moroccan feel of the art works . Her second art work was inspired by the cows in India. Cows were also pained on the giant wall and coloured with the help of beautiful stencils to create the ambient feel. Amazing work by Ewa.


In the span of 5 months we hosted six international artist and photographer at the village . The journey so far is very empowering to us, to the villagers and to the artists. Everyone loved the experience and wanted to come back to the village and contribute in whatever way they can.

Thanks for your enthusiasm artists . We love your works .

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