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Mandawa is becoming an increasingly popular haven for Artists and creative beings . Its remote villages and stunning murals and Frescos and Havelis provide the perfect environment to get creative, find inspiration, and hang around  without interruption. One village which is quickly turning into Rajasthan’s  new creative hub is Mandawa Art Village 4 KM from Mandawa, which has been compared to Global Art Village across the Globe.

Best of Street Art

Art that connects people.

Art as change agent

Art that changes the lives of villagers.

Art without boundaries

Painted by globally renowned artists.

First of its kind of Project in India

World Class Artists

At Mandawa we invite top of the International Artist for Installations .

Dedicated Team
of Villagers

We have dedicated team of villagers for maintaining and protecting art.

Art Installations
Street Art

Enjoy amazing photo opportunities and selfies with amazing street art.

Open 24/ 7
Free of Cost

Village is open to all Indian and International Tourists . Free of Cost

Some of Art Village Facts

Global Art Village scenario

Art Installations
International Artists
Empowering Households

Our Recent Artworks & Artists

Rocio Del Perez
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Eva Potocka
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Omar Chennafi
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First Installation
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Amita Prem D’Alessando
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Situated 4 km from Mandawa, one of the main touristic cities in Rajasthan, well known for her magnificent painted havelis, Mandawa art village is a perfect example of what creative economy can bring to rural villages. 

One of the major attraction of Mandawa art village are the walls, painted by international street artists, a real art form which arrives immediately to the heart of the tourists and of the people living in the village. 

Mandawa art village offers a lot to tourists: art in public spaces depicting Indian rich culture and art forms created by renowned foreign artists, photography shows, art installations and sculptures. Photo and heritage walks, photography and art workshops, folk music & folk dance..

Artists Say

We Are Proud to Say, Mandawa Art Village Will Be Best  Experience of  Your Life.

Global Art Scenerio

June 11, 2023
The Mural Man of India Preserving the Magnificence of Mandawa Murals : Virendra Singh Shekhawat

Virendra Singh Shekhawat, a visionary artist and cultural enthusiast, has dedicated himself to preserving[…]

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March 23, 2020
Art Across the globe as change maker

Podcasting operational change to inside of workflows to establish a framework. Key to maximise[...]

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March 22, 2020
Featured on Australian Channel

कोरोनावायरस की वजह से लॉक डाउन में भारत में ज़िन्दगी ठहर सी गयी है.[...]

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